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Welcome to Promotheus

Promotheus helps TV stations and programs with their channel branding, broadcast design, packaging and promotion. Our solutions cover the whole process - from initial design through technical implementation. Recognized for its outstanding track record in TV promotions, marketing and design, the company has won over 40 Promax-BDA awards.


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Viz Expertise

As experts Viz, we understand broadcast graphics as no other company. This enables us to use the right tools for optimal execution and supporting live events. In all projects, we bring our creative expertise to get the best results.



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4 Screens Promotion

At Promotheus, we understand that promoting your brand on TV takes a lot of effort. It’s a major challenge to simultaneously promote on TV, tablets, smartphones or the web (the 4 screens) We at Promotheus know exactly how you can take full advantage of all those digital platforms within your budget.

Social Networks Promotion

Social networking has changed the way we interact with brands and products. We react to what we watch and what we choose to share on social media. Viewers have changed from passive watchers to active participants.


Augmented Reality

At Promotheus, we have years of experience in designing for TV shows and studio. Over the years, we have been modeling, texturing and animating hundreds of 3D models for our customer. We are using the Viz Virtual Studio® tool to bring those models for augmented reality to life. 

Award Winning Promos

View a selection of our award-winning promos, openers and promotion projects.