AR Sandbox

Turning Your Sportscasts into Better Stories

Augmented Reality
Sport Graphics
Sports and Events AR Commentary? Easy!
Sandbox is an Augmented Reality solution that helps sportscasters tell a better story through 3D visualization. With this powerful tool, commentators can graphically simulate plays and tactics to bring their explanations to life.
Soccer, Bicycling or maybe Weather?
Sandbox comes as a flexible multi-sports solution. To create an authentic representation of the game or race, the type of sports, team colors, athletes’ names and line-ups can be defined before the broadcast. During airtime, commentators operate the system simply by touch.

Sandbox is an attractive and affordable AR tool for any sports program, whether live broadcasts or analyst corners. It will soon be available to visualize a broad variety of scenarios for news and other studio formats.
Drag and draw – it’s as simple as that!
Configure your virtual sports ground: athlete names, team colors, line-ups, etc.
Add relevant environmental factors like wind.
Highlight areas; draw lines, arrows, and connections between players.
Drag athletes, individually or connected to others.
Move ball in variety of constellations.
Tour de France 2019
2019 was the 2nd year the AR Sandbox was used for the tour (TV2 Sport Denmark used it also for 2018). After a successful run on both TV2 Sport Denmark and NBC Sports, NBC Sports got nominated for an Emmy(!) for using our AR Sandbox. Watch the full story in the video below.
Broadcast materials were provided by TV2 Sport Denmark and NBC sports.