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TV2 Norway Humor Channel

Surprising and creative promo break automation

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how do you make a machine tell a joke?
Teaming up with our partners, Mediateket and Anti, we created a clear concept and designed and implemented a fully-automated control system for promo break templates. This system encompassed sophistication, ease of use, and natural flow.
An Automated System That Keeps On Surprising
Our template generator engine automatically randomizes onscreen elements - adding quirky interactions, interferences, and intentional mistakes in a spontaneous and unpredictable way. We like to call it "The Mistakes Engine" and it comes with a customized humor control panel which allows TV2 to decide just how funny and whimsical they want to be.
Types of Interference
Cross-Promotional Gameful Experience
Humor channels are all about engaging viewers with the sitcoms and comedy series that they love most. We decided to use an automated onscreen scoreboard which helps promote TV2's VOD platform - TV2 Sumo.
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Creative & Design Director

Dovev Elperson

Creative Director

Alon Levi

Realtime Graphics Team Leader

Yaron Cypis

Realtime Graphics Specialist

Alon Hadar

Head of Production

Oshrit Zendakovich


Moran Shilton