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We Are Promotheus

We are a creative tech agency dedicated to media networks.
We combine award winning creativity, deep understanding of content and innovative technology to help media networks, broadcasters and OTT’s build brands, enhance viewing experience and promote content in smart & innovative ways.
We enhance viewer experience with innovative technology and real time data
Emmy 2020 Nominated AR Sandbox
Sandbox is an Augmented Reality solution that helps sportscasters tell a better story through 3D visualization. With this powerful tool, commentators can graphically simulate plays and tactics to bring their explanations to life.
Redbull Air Race
Planes racing around a course one at a time can seem unexciting to viewers. So we added “ghost planes” of competitors using real-time graphics to create an epic yet sophisticated competitive experience.
Beach Volleyball
Our realtime graphics make TV sports events smarter, more engaging, and easier for fans to follow. We brought our expertise in realtime graphics to the Beach Volleyball World Championships in Vienna to show Augmented Reality player stats, live player tracking, and more. This project was carried out in partnership with KINEXON, Swiss Timing & Hawk-Eye.
Graphic language that takes the world endurance championship to the next level.
The graphics are integrated into the program viewing experience.
Today, all sorts of broadcasts from sports to elections require graphical elements that are quick and present stats clearly and accurately. Real-time graphics is the solution that will enhance your next broadcast.

Our teams design, create, and implement flawless real-time graphics for both live and pre-recorded broadcasts that are affordable and compatible with various data types.
We create jaw dropping channel & content branding
the premier televised news source for the blockchain and cryptocurrency community.
the premier televised news source for the blockchain and cryptocurrency community.
Yes Rebrand 2020
Full design that takes into account brand strategy, video automation and workflow optimization. Developing an efficient design system that on one hand shortens the production and on the other hand increasing the brand value by perfecting its elements
We promote OTT’s, broadcasters and content in smart, creative new ways
RedBull Media House invited us for a one-day Hackton to brainstorm what can be done with their enormous amount of top-notch content, improving their online platforms and increase their relationship and interactions with their community, we came up with three ideas that mix content, marketing and brand utilities.
TV2 Humur
Teaming up with our partners, Mediateket and Anti, we created a clear concept and designed and implemented a fully-automated control system for promo break templates. This system encompassed sophistication, ease of use, and natural flow.
TV2 Livsstil
TV2 Livsstil wanted the look and feel of a high-end digital lifestyle magazine - the smoothness of scrolling and swiping.
So we created a streamlined ‘Lifestyle Canvas’ for the Norwegian giant that fills the screen with magazine-like quotes, slogans, and content, highlighting what’s really important. The launch was a hit, and viewers loved.