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On-screen GFX Samples for Canal+ Sport

Pushing On-Screen Real Time Graphics To The Limit

Graphic language that takes the world endurance championship to the next level. The graphics are integrated into the program viewing experience.
Today, all sorts of broadcasts from sports to elections require graphical elements that are quick and present stats clearly and accurately. Real-time graphics is the solution that will enhance your next broadcast.

Our teams design, create, and implement flawless real-time graphics for both live and pre-recorded broadcasts that are affordable and compatible with various data types.
Beach Volleyball
Our realtime graphics make TV sports events smarter, more engaging, and easier for fans to follow. We brought our expertise in realtime graphics to the Beach Volleyball World Championships in Vienna to show Augmented Reality player stats, live player tracking, and more. This project was carried out in partnership with KINEXON, Swiss Timing & Hawk-Eye.
Redbull Air Race
Planes racing around a course one at a time can seem unexciting to viewers. So we added “ghost planes” of competitors using real-time graphics to create an epic yet sophisticated competitive experience.
World Run
How do you make a race in 34 countries easy to understand? With a Dynamic Globe that lets you zoom into a specific country with real-time graphics.