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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is technology that dazzles your audience with realistic graphical elements that look like part of the scene. Live data, maps, graphs, and even floating social media will help your news team tell stories intelligently, or let your sportscasters light up the field with game stats in real-time which will in turn help your audience follow the action.

At Promotheus, we specialize in combining 3D graphics and models for both studios and outdoors, and integrating data and social media as a natural part of the scene. The result is flawless AR that is creatively designed to fit the nature of each program whether it be sports, news, or entertainment.

Case Studies & Featured Projects

A new way of visualizing sport events using augmented reality

Red Bull Air Race
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How do you make a one-person race appear competitive and exciting? By pitting racers against virtual versions of previous competitors. We did that using AR to create ‘Ghost Planes’ for Red Bull’s Air Race.

Turkish Referendum
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By combining dynamic maps with real-time graphics and data, we were able to show instant results by city, district, or province during Turkey’s constitutional referendum of April 2017.

Formula E
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With AR player stats, live player tracking, and more, our AR makes TV sports events smarter, more engaging, and easier for fans to follow.

Beach Volleyball World Championship 2017
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Our AR took center stage in one of the biggest car races in the world.